Power lifters, body builders, cross-fitters, and athletes are all welcome!

Don't be afraid to make noise or slam weights; it's what F.I.T. Co. is made for!

Free weights

Plenty of free weights to fill any body builders,  power lifters or Athletes needs. 

  • Flat, incline, decline, military barbell and DB benches 

  • Competition bench/squat combo

  • 6 squat racks 

  • 2 dead lift platforms

  • Unique prone bench 

  • Standing preacher curl 

  • GHD machine

  • 4 person CrossFit squat / pull up rig. 

Cable / Selectorized

Various cable and selectorized weight equipment through out 5,700 sq. ft facility. 

  • Cable crossover (200 lb stack) 

  • Lat pull down / low row (270lb stack)

  • Leg ext / curl machines

  • Lateral raise machine

  • Pec fly / rear delt machine

  • 3 position shoulder press

  • Smith machine

  • and many more.....

Plate loaded

We have various plate loaded pieces and a few unique pieces of equipment as well. 

  • Plate-loaded chest press

  • Plate-loaded incline press

  • Plate-loaded lat pull down

  • Plate-loaded row

  • Plate-loaded bicep curl 

  • Plate-loaded leg press

  • Plate-loaded calf raise

  • 2 dog sleds 

  • 1 yoke sled


207 Schneider St. SE, North Canton, OH 44720

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