Melanie Neading

My passion for exercise began when I was very young.  My dad was a runner and I would watch for him in my backyard as he would crest the hill on the road behind us.  I would then grab him a glass of ice cold water and meet him in the driveway.  Soon I would ride my bike along beside him then eventually i began to run with him.  
In junior high I joined the track team and then went on to run Cross Country and Track for Hoover High School.  I also competed gymnastics for the YMCA all through grade school and high school.  When faced with which studies to pursue in college, I could not let go of my love of exercise and completed my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science.  
I began my career at Mercy Medical Center in Cardiac Rehab and General Fitness where I did exercise testing and programming.  Outside of the clinical setting, I coached various youth sports with my 4 children including soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. I have also always exercised in various settings and classes.  You name it, I’ve done it, well almost… Bootcamp, step, spinning, Strength, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, HITT.  I have taught many of the varieties as well.  But my first love has always been running.  I have completed 11 full marathons, 20+ Half marathons, and countless 5ks, 10ks, 5 milers.   
    Though I know the goals of my clients isn’t necessarily to run a marathon (well at least yet! Ha)  I have years of experience of listening and understanding the needs of those I train.  Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, a novice, or just trying to get healthier young, old, or in between, I can help you with a program designed for you and your needs.  I offer one-on-one training, small group, and large group classes.  With the right combination, you will be getting results, not just going to the gym HOPING for results.


One-on-One Training Package

1-Hour Sessions:

1 session - $50

4 sessions - $188 ($47 each)

8 sessions - $360 ($44 each)

10 sessions - $400 ($40 each)

1/2 Hour Sessions:

1 session - $35

4 sessions - $132 ($33 each)

8 sessions - $252 ($31.50 each)

10 sessions - $300 ($30 each)


$15 - drop-in class

10 classes - $100 punchcard (no expiration)

Monthly Unlimited - $75

Small Group (1 hour session)

2 - person - $30 per person

3 - person - $25 per person

4 - person - $20 per person

Mel’s Classes @ FIT Co.


Cornerstone-  In this class you will perform exercises of all of the major muscle groups.  Think fundamentals of the sport. Doing fundamentals will help keep you in balance, whether it's on one foot or balanced out for functional movement thus the Cornerstone of your training.  Core will also be emphasized.


PowerFit- In this class the weight will be heavier and the reps will be fewer.  Developing more strength, focusing on controlled movements.


Mel's Mayhem-  In this class, you will be performing metabolic exercises.  Metabolic training is completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between exercises in an effort to burn calories and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.  Still circuit with much more anaerobic movements, so be ready to raise that heart rate.


***Please note, ALL classes can be progressed and regressed for any level!!  

Spring 2019 Class Schedule 

Monday- 8am/5:30pm-PowerFit   

     Wednesday- 5:30am/8am- Cornerstone       

  Thursday- 8am/5:30pm- Mel's Mayhem    

Friday- 5:30am- PowerFit / 8am- Mel's Mayhem          






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